Hiflofiltro Oil filter Racing HF138RC | HF138RC

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Compatible models:

Aprilia Motorcycle
1100 RSV4 Racing Factory (2019-2020)
1100 V4 Tuono Factory (2015-2020)
1100 V4 Tuono RF E4 ABS (2018-2018)
1100 V4 Tuono RR (2015-2019)
ABS (2011-2014)
RSV 1000 RSV4 R (2009-2011)
RSV 1000 RSV4 R APRC (2012-2014)
RSV 1000 RSV4 R APRC Factory (2011-2014)
RSV 1000 RSV4 R APRC Factory SE (2011-2014)
RSV 1000 RSV4 R Factroy (2010-2012)
RSV 1000 RSV4 V4R Tuono (2011-2013)
RSV 1000 RSV4 V4R Tuono APRC (2012-2013)
RSV 1000 RSV4 V4R Tuono APRC ABS (2014-2014)
RSV4 Racing Factory LE (2017-2017)
RSV4 RF (2015-2018)
RSV4 RR (2015-2019)

Arctic Cat ATV
400 2x4 Automatic (2003-2004)
400 4x4 (2004-2007)
400 4x4 ACT (2004-2004)
400 4x4 ACT Auto (2004-2004)
400 4x4 Automatic (2003-2008)
400 4x4 Automatic LE (2005-2007)
400 4x4 Automatic TBX (2004-2006)
400 4x4 Automatic TRV (2006-2007)
400 4x4 Automatic VP (2005-2006)
400 4x4 VP (2005-2006)
400 Arctic Cat (1998-2003)
454 Arctic Cat (1996-1998)
500 4x4 (2004-2008)
500 4x4 Automatic (2004-2007)
500 4x4 Automatic LE (2005-2006)
500 4x4 Automatic TBX (2004-2006)
500 4x4 Automatic TRV (2004-2006)
500 Arctic Cat (1998-2004)

Bimota Motorcycle
1000 SB8K Santamonica (2006-2011)
750 SB7 (1994-1996)

Cagiva Motorcycle
1000 Navigator (2000-2005)
1000 Raptor (2000-2005)
1000 V-Raptor (2000-2004)
1000 Xtra-Raptor (2001-2005)
650 Raptor (2000-2005)
650 V-Raptor (2001-2004)

Kawasaki Motorcycle
KLV1000 (2004-2006)

Kymco ATV
375 MXU (2008-2012)
400 MXU (2008-2012)
450 MXU i (2011-2015)
Maxxer (2008-2012)
Maxxer i (2011-2015)

Sachs Motorcycle
800 Roadster (2000-2005)

Suzuki ATV
KLT-A400 (2009-2019)
KLT-A400 F-M0 King Quad 400 A (2020-2020)
KLT-A400 X King Quad 400 ASi Special Edition (2017-2018)
KLT-F400 (2009-2018)
LT-A400 (2002-2004)
LT-A400 F (2002-2007)
LT-A400 F-K7 Eiger 4x4 Automatic (2007-2007)
LT-A450 (2009-2009)
LT-A450 X (2007-2010)
LT-A500 (2004-2020)
LT-A500 F (2003-2007)
LT-A500 F Quadrunner (1998-2002)
LT-A500 X L1-L9 King Quad AXi (2011-2019)
LT-A500 X M0 King Quad AXi (2020-2020)
LT-A500 XC L1-L8 King Quad AXi Camo (2011-2018)
LT-A500 XP M0 King Quad AXi Power Steering (2020-2020)
LT-A700 X (2005-2008)
LT-A750 (2009-2020)
LT-A750 X (2008-2019)
LT-A750 X-M0 King Quad 750 AXi (2020-2020)
LT-F400 (2002-2007)
LT-F400 F (2002-2004)
LT-F500 (2005-2006)
LT-F500 F (2002-2006)
LT-F500 F Quadrunner (1998-2002)
LTF400 K7 Eiger 2WD (2007-2007)

Suzuki Motorcycle
C50 (2005-2007)
C50 Boulevard (2014-2016)
C50 T (2005-2019)
C800 Intruder (2005-2015)
C90 (2005-2007)
C90 Boulevard B.O.S.S (2013-2018)
C90 SE Boulevard (2010-2010)
C90 T (2005-2019)
C90 T Boulevard B.O.S.S 13 (2013-2013)
DL1000 (2014-2018)
DL1000 A- L9 V-Strom Adventure ABS (2019-2019)
DL1000 SE L0 V-Strom (2010-2010)
DL1000 V-Strom Desert ABS (2016-2016)
DL1000 V-Strom Sport ABS (2016-2016)
DL1000 V-Strom XT (2018-2018)
DL1000 XA-L9 V-Strom XT (2019-2019)
DL1050 M0 V-Strom (2020-2020)
DL1050 M0 V-Strom XT (2020-2020)
DL1050 M1 V-Strom (2021-2021)
DL1050 M1 V-Strom XT (2021-2021)
DL250 A- M0 V-Strom (2020-2020)
DL250 A- V-Strom (2019-2019)
DL250 A-L8 V-Strom (2018-2018)
DL650 (2004-2020)
DL650 A V-Strom ABS (2020-2020)
DL650 A V-Strom GT (2010-2010)
DL650 A V-Strom Traveller (2010-2010)
DL650 A-XA L9 V-Strom ABS (2019-2019)
DL650 L0 V-Strom X (2010-2010)
DL650 V-Strom XT Touring (2019-2020)
DL650 XA-L9 V-Strom ABS (2019-2019)
FA (2010-2016)
GSF120 (2003-2010)
GSF1200 (2005-2006)
GSF1200 S (1997-2006)
GSF1250 (2007-2016)
GSF1250 S (2007-2016)
GSF1250 SA-L0 Bandit Traveller (2010-2010)
GSF600 (1995-2013)
GSF650 Bandit (2005-2011)
GSF650 S Bandit (2005-2011)
GSF650 S Bandit Traveller (2010-2010)
GSF650 SA Bandit (2010-2014)
GSR600 B Yoshimura (2010-2010)
GSR750 (2003-2007)
GSR750 Z (2015-2016)
GSX-R1000 (2001-2020)
GSX-R1000 Commemorative Ed. (2016-2016)
GSX-R1000 F ABS (2015-2015)
GSX-R1000 M1 (2021-2021)
GSX-R1000 R (2017-2021)
GSX-R1000 Z L3-L5 (2013-2015)
GSX-R1100 (1986-1997)
GSX-R1300 (2002-2018)
GSX-R1300 R (1999-2007)
GSX-R1300 R Hayabusa 50th Anniversary Ed. (2014-2014)
GSX-R1300 R-L9 Hayabusa (2019-2019)
GSX-R1300 RA-L9 Hayabusa (2019-2019)
GSX-R400 (1990-1992)
GSX-R600 (1992-2019)
GSX-R600 Moto GP (2016-2016)
GSX-R750 (1988-2019)
GSX-R750 J (1988-1988)
GSX-R750 Moto GP (2016-2016)
GSX-R750 Z-L4 (2014-2014)
GSX-S1000 (2015-2020)
GSX-S1000 F (2016-2020)
GSX-S750 (2015-2020)
GSX-S750 A-L9 (2019-2019)
GSX-S750 Z (2015-2018)
GSX-S750 Z-L9 (2019-2019)
GSX1100 (1988-1996)
GSX1200 Inazuma (1999-2000)
GSX1250 (2016-2016)
GSX1250 F (2010-2016)
GSX1250 FA-L0 Traveller (2010-2010)
GSX1300 (2008-2012)
GSX1300 BKA-K9 B-King (2009-2009)
GSX1400 (2001-2006)
GSX250 R (2017-2020)
GSX600 (1988-2000)
GSX600 F (2001-2006)
GSX650 F (2008-2016)
GSX750 (1989-2006)
GV1400 (1987-1988)
GW250 Inazuma F (2012-2018)
M109R Boulevard (2006-2014)
M109R Boulevard B.O.S.S. (2014-2019)
M109R Boulevard Limited Edition (2009-2014)
M109R2 Boulevard (2009-2010)
M50 (2005-2006)
M50 Boulevard (2005-2019)
M800 Intruder (2005-2014)
M800 Intruder T (2014-2014)
RF600 (1993-1997)
RF900 (1994-2000)
S50 Boulevard (2005-2009)
S83 Boulevard (2005-2010)
SFV650 (2000-2004)
SFV650 AZ Gladius Special Edition (2013-2013)
SV1000 S (2003-2007)
SV650 (1999-2019)
SV650 A (2020-2020)
SV650 A-L9 (2019-2019)
SV650 X (2020-2020)
SV650 X-L8 (2018-2018)
TL1000 (1997-2002)
VL1500 LC C90 Intruder (2007-2009)
VL1500 LC C90T Touring Intruder (2007-2009)
VL1500 LC Intruder (1998-2005)
VL800 (2001-2004)
VL800 B-K4 Intruder LC Volusia SE (2004-2004)
VL800 C50 Custom Volusia (2008-2009)
VL800 C50 Volusia (2007-2009)
VL800 C50T Touring Volusia (2007-2009)
VLR1800 C109R Boulevard (2008-2010)
VLR1800 C109R SE Boulevard (2010-2010)
VLR1800 C109RT Boulevard (2009-2010)
VLR1800 C109T Boulevard (2008-2008)
VLR1800 C1800R Intruder (2008-2013)
VLR1800 C1800RT Intruder (2009-2011)
VS1400 (1987-2003)
VS1400 GLP K4-K9 Intruder S83 (2004-2009)
VS600 (1995-1997)
VS600 GLF (1998-1998)
VS700 (1987-1988)
VS750 (1987-1991)
VS800 (1992-2009)
VX800 (1990-1997)
VZ1500 (2000-2010)
VZ800 (1997-2011)
VZR1800 Intruder M1800 BZ (2015-2019)
VZR1800 Intruder M1800 R (2006-2012)
VZR1800 Intruder M1800 RB (2014-2014)
VZR1800 Intruder M1800 RZ (2010-2013)
VZR1800 N Intruder M1800 R2 (2009-2009)
WR250 (2006-2019)
WR450 (2009-2016)
YZ250 (1996-2019)
YZ450 (1996-2016)
Z (2012-2018)

Suzuki Scooter
AN650 Burgman (2002-2015)
Burgman Executive (2004-2018)

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BMW K1600 Series


Article Code : HF138RC

Premium Oil Filters

Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TÜV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.

"RC" High Performance Oil Filters

Developed and manufactured to very high specifications to exceed the demands of modern racing engines and extreme racing conditions, the Hiflofiltro RC range provides numerous advantages for both road user and track racer.
17mm cross drilled nut enabling easy removal and lock wiring for race use
Advanced high performance tri-fiber filtration media for optimum filtration, high capacity, and improved oil flow. Capable of capturing particles as small as 5 microns.
Tough heavy duty steel canister capable of withstanding extreme pressure
Special fibre or rubber coated relief valve for perfect sealing
Compatible with all oil types, mineral and synthetic


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